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The Australian greyhound racing scene has for a long time been a main attraction for punters from all over the world when it comes to dog races. This means that Australian punters and racing fans truly do not need to look any further than their own local area in order to take advantage of some world class racing. The Australian Greyhound Racing Association oversees the operations of several governing bodies representing the different states and between all of these organizations there are more than enough excellent dog races taking place throughout the year.

Dog Races in AustraliaDog Races

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The Australian Greyhound Racing Association is broken up into many smaller organizations that oversee and govern the races taking place throughout all of the states and territories of the nation. Currently the governing bodies in existence that govern the events and clubs hosting dog races throughout the season include Greyhound Racing South Australia (GRSA), The Queensland Greyhound Racing Authority (QGRA), Tasmanian Greyhound Racing Authority (TGRA), Western Australian Greyhound Racing Authority (WAGRA), Canberra Greyhound Racing Club (CGRC), and Northern Territory Racing Authority. These organizations are responsible for governing greyhound racing in Australia for absolutely all courses and clubs in the nation. Some of the more notable venues in Australia hosting dog races include Albion Park in Brisbane, Wentworth Park in Sydney, Greyhound Park in Adelaide, and Cannington Park in Perth. These are definitely the main attractions for the majority of Aussie punters and will be the host of many of the most important dog races throughout the season.

Greyhound Park

One extremely popular venue for dog races in Australia is the popular Greyhound Park located in Adelaide, South Australia. Having been around since 1972 the course has grown significantly over the years and is now the host of many popular regular race meetings each season. The track is officially the only greyhound racing facility in the Adelaide and is owned by Greyhound Racing South Australia. The track itself is 457 metres long and 6.5 metres wide which cable lure system and track surface made from sand surface. The Greyhound Park hosts regular race meetings every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday which provide ton of great betting options and opportunities for the average Aussie punter online.

Group 1 Australian Dog Races

There are many different dog races within the Australian market that attract Australian punters online but none are quite as popular as the Group 1 races taking place throughout the season. Some of the more noteworthy Group 1 events include the AJS Corporation Silver Chief run over a distance of 525 metres, the Australian Super Stayers run over a distance of 725 metres, the Hotham Body Repairs Association Cup Final run over a distance of 720 metres, the Garrards Winter Cup run over a distance of 520 metres, and the Newcastle Herald National Derby run over a distance of 515 metres. However, there are also a number of Group 2 events providing great options for Aussie punters online including the Highland Smash Repairs Vince Curry Maiden run over 520 metres, the Country Club Tasmania Launceston Cup run over 515 metres, and the Wangaratta Cup run over 474 metres. Some of the Group 3 races that have attracted many online punters include the Darwin Cup run over 537 metres, the Westend Draught Distance Championship run over 731 metres, the Farrow & Wyatt Chartered Accountants Maitland Cup run over 450 metres, and the Sky Channel Perth Cup Consolation run over 530 metres.


The incredible number of online wagering venues these days provides Australian punters with thousands of chances to bet on top-notch dog races contested by some of the best greyhounds in the country. For example, some of the great venues hosting some popular annual race meetings include Albion Park in Brisbane, Wentworth Park in Sydney, Greyhound Park in Adelaide, and Cannington Park in Perth. With so many excellent venues providing a ton of Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3 races throughout each season, Aussies don’t have to look any further then their local racecourse for top notch world class dog races. Some races that Australians online should definitely be looking out for during the upcoming 2010 season include the Hotham Body Repairs Association Cup Final, the Newcastle Herald National Derby, the AJS Corporation Silver Chief, and the Garrards Winter Cup.